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Barrier-free Vehicles Park
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Barrier-free Vehicles Park

Here you can experience what it is like to live in an environment with a barrier-free vehicles.
You will hear testimonies from actual users who enjoy their mobility and you can that drive senior cars and wheelchairs. You may also enjoy watching a demonstration of a barrier-free vehicles and its relevant equipment action.

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Barrier-free Vehicles Park
Booth concept
The Japanese population is aging at an unprecedented pace, and there is a growing need to integrate people with physical handicaps into society in ways that allow them to actively participate. Barrier-free Vehicles Park is a special exhibit that focuses on the themes "barrier-free," "normalization" and "universal design" as they apply to automobiles.
The booth allows visitors to see, hear, touch, experience, learn and enjoy barrier-free vehicles as something familiar and close-to-home.
Booth layout

Exhibit content

Senior Car/Wheelchair Test-Ride Zone Only by riding in a senior car or a wheelchair can you understand the challenges presented by many surfaces or the convenience that these vehicles offer.
Welfare Zone and Daily Life The Welfare Zone will focus on barrier-free vehicles that are actually in use. Related equipment will include welfare equipment and tools that support more active lives for the elderly and handicapped in an attempt to depict "what life could be like with a barrier-free vehicle."
Welfare Stage Presentations about the exhibits within Barrier-free Vehicles Park and a talk show by noted Japanese wheelchair basketball player Yasuhiro Jimbo. The stage will also provide information on the welfare-related symposium being held at the International Conference Hall.
JAMA Consultation Corner Panel displays and distribution of pamphlets highlighting JAMA's barrier-free vehicles-related programs. There will also be a "Consultation Corner" for questions about barrier-free vehicles.

Stage Program

11/2 (Tus.) 11/3(Wed., Holiday) 11/4 (Thu.) 11/5 (Fri.) 11/6 (Sat.) 11/7 (Sun)
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Talk Show Talk Show Talk Show Talk Show
16:00-16:30 Presentation Presentation


Presentation Presentation Presentation Presentation

Talk Show with Mr. Yasuhiro Jimbo
Talk Show with Mr. Yasuhiro JimboThere will be a talk show with Mr. Yasuhiro Jimbo, a member of the national wheelchair basketball team at both the Sydney and Athens Paralympics. He will discuss his experiences in wheelchair basketball and how he leads an active lifestyle.

Barrier-free Vehicles Park Presentation
Narrators are available in Barrier-free Vehicles Park to introduce the vehicles and welfare equipment on display and to provide information on the wheelchair and senior car test-ride corner. JAMA will also have a display on its barrier-free vehicles-related activities.


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