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List of Exhibits
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List of Exhibits

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Commercail Vehicles
Exhibitor Name Exhibit Name New function/feature Booth No.
Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. New HIJET CARGO
New HIJET Deck Van
New HIJET Jumbo
Hino Motors, Ltd. Advanced Safety Concept Vehicle L (Long-Haul Truck) A concept model presenting the grand theme, 'future safety technology' for next-generation long-haul transports. 'Challenging the zero dead angle' and measures to mitigate damage in the event of collision are being pursued to ensure safety mainly during high-speed driving.Also,proposals of universal design for drivers are incorporated in various places in the cabin to support safe and comfortable driving. C10C
Advanced Safety Concept Vehicle C(City Truck) A concept model of an urban collection and delivery vehicle, giving first priority to safety measures to prevent accidents with pedestrians and cyclists. The model is pursuing safety multilaterally through a 'challenge to zero dead angle' using CCDcamera system,super-fine pillars,etc.
and through other measures, such as shock-absorbing bonnet and tire covers to prevent entanglement. Universal design to help relieve driver fatigue is also incorporated.
Global Hybrid Van A global strategic vehicle Hino is launching as a next-generation collection and delivery vehicle with a brand new concept. It realizes "free through" from cabin to luggage space in a one-box style, providing multi-utility features widely adaptable to variety of uses - as a mobile sales vehicle, for example - in addition to the use as a collection and delivery vehicle. A symmetrical instrument panel is employed, taking into consideration adaptability to left/right-hand steering.
PONCHO L(Small Non-Step Bus) A new proposal of commuter bus expected to play an active part in your town. It is a concept model incorporating Hino's universal design, with practical production in view. In addition to the spacious and friendly appearance design, it employs a non-step, fully-flat floor design and "stanchion poles"(handrails) that are easy for senior and physically disabled passengers to use, as well as comfortable seats with an oval motif.
Hybrid IPT Bus-HINO S'ELEGA R A proposal of an advanced eco-friendly route bus making use of Hino's hybrid technology. IPT stands for Inductive Power Transfer (a large-scale contactless power transfer charging system). It enabling buses to run almost entirely on electricity by being charged at bus stops.
Hybrid Non-Step Bus-HINO Blue Ribbon City In addition to an environment-friendly hybrid bus complying with New Long-Term Emission Regulations(2005), a large route bus incorporating HINO's universal design friendly to senior and physically disabled persons is exhibited for reference. The route bus is full of functional features such as non-step low boarding height and flat floor to enable easy wheel chair access, and other features stirring the imagination regarding a setting for pleasant mobile communication.
Hybrid Truck HINO165 HINO Motors, a front runner in environmental technology,is advancing into the USA, tha world's largest automotive market,with its hybrid technology. At this exhibition, we present our hybrid truck for US market, the first of its kind to be supplied by a car manufacturer.
Honda Motor Co., Ltd. P.V A new concept in commercial vehicles – a smart transporter that lets you load in style. The car brings smart ideas and a fresh design to the functionality of a commercial vehicle, for those who value their own taste and want to make work more stylish and enjoyable. W02
HOBICK The new personal truck supports your hobbies and interests. It's not just about carrying lots of cargo, but also about spaciousness and comfort, and making stowage arrangements for a variety of personal uses.
Mazda Motor Corp. Bongo Van Concept The Bongo Van Concept is new-concept delivery vehicle that showcases Mazda's Energy-Saving Idling Control (E-SI) Delivery System, which combines idle-stop functions with card-based keyless functions for greater environmental compatibility and driver convenience. The driver of a delivery vehicle equipped with the E-SI Delivery System enjoys the convenience and environmental benefits and cost savings of automatic stopping and restarting of the engine. And by simply carrying a card key, the driver also enjoys the convenience of automatic locking and unlocking of the doors. W01
Mazda Motor Corp. (Outdoors) Titan Dash Concept For experiencing the convenience of the system, Titan Dash Concept equipped the Energy-Saving Idling Control Delivery System (the same as Bongo Van Concept) is exhibited outside (south of center hall). OS01
Mitsubishi-Fuso Truck & Bus Corp. FUSO CONSEPT
Nissan Diesel Motor Co., Ltd. CG Heavy-duty truck,Comforming to new long-term Emission Regulation Comforming to new long-term Emission Regulation
NOx and PM are sharply reduced by the SCR system.
CD Heavy-duty truck,Comforming to new long-term Emission Regulation Comforming to new long-term Emission Regulation
NOx and PM are sharply reduced by the SCR system
Rargest-in-class wing body
Heavy-duty tractor,Comforming to new long-term Emission Regulation Comforming to new long-term Emission Regulation
NOx and PM are sharply reduced by the SCR system
Class top's high roof cab
Direct injection CNG truck New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization(NEDO) and The Japan Gas Association, development vehicles.
Efficient, the next-generation CNG truck which has low pollution.
Inter-City Bus Comforming to new long-term Emission Regulation
NOx and PM are sharply reduced by the SCR system.
Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. CARAVAN BOX IN BOX
Suzuki Motor Corp. ALTO
Toyota Motor Corp. HIACE Sound Satellite


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