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List of Exhibits
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Lots of Fun-filled Interactive and Participation Events Again This Year!

The 38th Tokyo Motor Show-Commercial & Barrier-free Vehicles- (2004) will be held from November 2 to November 7, 2004 at the Makuhari Messe (Nippon Convention Center) in Chiba City, Chiba. (General Public Days:Wednesday, November 3 - Sunday, November 7)

This year the show's subtitle was changed to "Commercial & Barrier-free Vehicles" to better reflect the show's content: the latest models and technologies of "working" and "welfare" vehicles that support and enrich people's lives. At the same time, the organizer has tried to better meet the needs of visitors by planning a variety of "audience-participation" and "hands-on" events to make the show appealing to everyone from kids to business people.

113 exhibitors from 6 countries
This year's show will have exhibits from 111 companies, 1 government and 1 organization from 6 countries. It will use Halls 1-8 of the International Exhibition Hall (West, Center and East) at the Makuhari Messe. Total floor space is 24,465 m2, roughly on par with the 36th Tokyo Motor Show - Commercial Vehicles - (2002).

38 World Premieres, 15 Japan Premieres
This year's show will feature 38 World Premieres (29 commercial vehicles, 1 commercial vehicle body, 8 barrier-free vehicles) and 15 Japan Premieres (5 commercial vehicles, 8 commercial vehicle bodies, 1 barrier-free vehicle, 1 other vehicle). The Parts Division will have 30 World Premieres and 25 Japan Premieres.

Special events and Related events
The show has a wide variety of audience-participation, hands-on events to provide an enjoyable day for everyone from kids to business people.

Exhibition Hall (Center Hall)
Commercial Vehicles & Motorcycles Ride and Experience Zone
A massive assembly of unique mobiles! You may know about these vehicles, but rarely do you have a chance to touch or ride them! Vehicles and motorcycles with many varied mechanisms for transporting, manufacturing and protecting that are not normally seen in your household car will be gathered all in one corner. Not only will you be able to see these up close and interactively, but ride in them and enjoy "mock operating" experiences.
>> Details here

Exhibition Hall (West Hall)
Barrier-free Vehicles Park
Here you can experience what it is like to live in an environment with a barrier-free vehicles.
You will hear testimonies from actual users who enjoy their mobility and you can that drive senior cars and wheelchairs. You may also enjoy watching a demonstration of a barrier-free vehicles and its relevant equipment action.
>> Details here
Motor Café
At this open cafe you can take a break while enjoying the distinctive bustle of the Tokyo Motor Show atmosphere.
>> Details here
TOMICA Corner (Co-sponsored by: TOMY Company, Limited)
/ Picture Book Exhibit of Working Vehicles
Come and see the world of TOMICA toy vehicles. Fun for adults and children. The Tokyo Motor Show commemorative TOMICA models will also be on sale. We have a reading corner full of picture books on work mobiles adjacent to the exhibit. This is a must see for families attending with children.
>> Details here

2nd Floor Center mall
"GRAND TURISMO 4" Test Drive Arena Special exhibits / Newspaper & Magazine Stands
Co-sponsored by: Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
You can test drive famous cars of yester-years or the newest cars out this year on "GRAND TURISMO 4" built for the PlayStation 2.
(Main/ Second Floor Center Mall in front of the East Hall, Sub/"Yasuragi" Mall)
>> Details here
You can take a glimpse into the future of our automotive society through these varied exhibits for vehicle safety, traffic, environment and diverse public activities and public service. Ten automotive industry publishers assembled in the Newspaper & Magazine Stands! The latest automotive information packed newspapers and magazines from every company available right here for you.

International Conference hall 2nd Floor
Tokyo Motor Show Symposium 2004
A symposium where the lecturers and you, the show visitors, can share your mind and come together as one to plan solutions for our tomorrow. This year these are multiple themes including the topics of barrier-free vehicles, environmental preservation, low emission technology, distribution, traffic safety, and taxation issues.
>> Schedule
* A Tokyo Motor Show admission ticket is necessary for participation, See reverse side for the schedule.

Outdoor Events
Truck Stalls Market ("Yasuragi" Mall)
A shopping zone with many unique truck stalls with a variety of dishes with an ethic theme and souvenirs. This is a surprising market of uniquely created shops where the truck bed may be transformed into a kitchen or a display case.
>> Details here
Festival Stage
It's an open to be experienced at the Tokyo Motor Show for kids, elders and the whole family. Also by popular demand from last year the Traffic Moral Savers "Anzenger" is back and lots and lots of other interactive entertainment fun.
this schedule may vary in case of rain.

Test-ride Arena
Commercial and barrier-free Vehicles Test-Ride
From trucks and buses to barrier-free vehicles -You can touch, board, experience the unique characteristics of each of these vehicles, and learn first hand the roles they play in our lives. This year we have prepared a 1km long course at this special events arena. (Take the free shuttle bus from inside the show venue to the test-ride arena)
>> Details here
To test-ride a vehicle, a driving ticket must be obtained from the individual exhibitor booths.
Children under the age of 6 may not board the vehicles. For Safety reasons, actual driving of the vehicles will not be allowed.
* This schedule may vary in case of rain.

Show Venue
"Anzenger" Point Collecting Game for Kids
This point collecting game that is geared towards children under elementary age will be going on every day during the show house. The children can enjoy and learn about safety while they circulate to each of the Tokyo Motor Show event sites. A commemorative present will be given to each participant completing the circuit.

Trade Day
An invitation-only Special Guest Day will be held in the afternoon (12:00-18:00) of November 2. "Trade Day" will also be held in the same time zone with free admission to business visitors. To attend Trade Day visitors must either:
1.Be involved in commercial or barrier-free vehicle purchasing at a business corporation
2.Be a self-employed user of a commercial or barrier-free vehicle
Visitors to Trade Day are requested to tender their business card at the information desk near the entrance gate, complete a questionnaire and register; they will then be admitted free of charge. Trade Day is not open to visitors under the age of 18.

Rest Zones, Priority Seats
Outdoor Rest Zone
The "South Rest Zone," located outside the south side of each of the exhibition halls, has benches with seating for approximately 1,700 people as well as the "Festival Stage," where many of the Show's audience-participation events are held.

Priority Seats
The benches set up around the show venue provide seating for approximately 3,000 (including 1,700 outdoors) to give visitors plenty of space to rest. There are also 600 "Priority Seats" for which the elderly and the handicapped have priority (compared to 390 "Priority Seats" at the 36th show).

Infant / Child Care Center
The service center provides parents with a place to nurse babies and change diapers, and is always a valued part of the Passenger Cars & Motorcycles show. This is the first time it has been included in the commercial vehicles show, and we hope that it will improve the level of hospitality for family visitors. The Center is located on the 2nd floor of the Central Mall.
Babysitting services are also available for children from 3 to 6 years of age.

November 2 (Tue.) 9:00-18:00
November 3 (Wed.; Holiday) _ 7 (Sun.) 10:00-18:00

Cribs, toys, hot water for bottles etc.

Management and operations
Weekdays: staff of 6; Weekends and holidays: staff of 8.

Parent's IDs will be required for the babysitting service for children from 3 to 6 years of age. The service will be available for no more than 2 hours. (Free)


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