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List of Exhibits
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Commercial Vehicles & Motorcycles Ride and Experience Zone
A massive assembly of unique mobiles! You may know about these vehicles, but rarely do you have a chance to touch or ride them! Vehicles and motorcycles with many varied mechanisms for transporting, manufacturing and protecting that are not normally seen in your household car will be gathered all in one corner. Not only will you be able to see these up close and interactively, but ride in them and enjoy "mock operating" experiences.
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Commercial Vehicles & Motorcycles Ride and Experience Zone1 Commercial Vehicles & Motorcycles Ride and Experience Zone2

Truck Stalls Market ("Yasuragi" Mall)
Truck Stalls Market ("Yasuragi" Mall) A shopping zone with many unique truck stalls with a variety of dishes with an ethic theme and souvenirs. This is a surprising market of uniquely created shops where the truck bed may be transformed into a kitchen or a display case.
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Festival Stage
Festival Stage It's an open to be experienced at the Tokyo Motor Show for kids, elders and the whole family. Also by popular demand from last year the Traffic Moral Savers "Anzenger" is back and lots and lots of other interactive entertainment fun.
*this schedule may vary in case of rain.

"Anzenger" Point Collecting Game for Kids
This Point Collecting Game provides children (elementary school age and younger) attending the Tokyo Motor Show with a fun way to see the show and learn about traffic safety and the automotive industry. A stamp card is provided in pamphlets distributed at the show and children can collect stamps by passing through five check points located throughout the venue. The rally is run everyday during the show period, and children who visit all of the check points receive original "Traffic Moral Savers Anzenger" commemorative gifts. "Anzenger" Point Collecting Game for Kids
"Anzenger" Point Collecting Game for Kids 1 "Anzenger" Point Collecting Game for Kids 2 "Anzenger" Point Collecting Game for Kids 3 "Anzenger" Point Collecting Game for Kids 4

Motor Café
Motor CafE At this open cafe you can take a break while enjoying the distinctive bustle of the Tokyo Motor Show atmosphere. We look forward to serving you here.
MenuPrice (tax included)
Butter croissant¥250
Bean jam croissant¥250
Raspberry danish¥300
Twisted chocolate bread¥300
Tomato and eight vegetables stew¥600
Tomato stew set¥1,000
Illy coffee¥250
Illy cappucino¥280
Oolong tea (500ml)¥200
Malt's (350ml)¥350
Soft drink¥200

TOMICA Corner (Co-sponsored by: TOMY Company, Limited) / Picture Book Exhibit of Working Vehicles
Come and see the world of TOMICA toy vehicles. Fun for adults and children. The Tokyo Motor Show commemorative TOMICA models will also be on sale. We have a reading corner full of picture books on work mobiles adjacent to the exhibit. This is a must see for families attending with children.
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TOMICA Corner (Co-sponsored by: TOMY Company, Limited) / Picture Book Exhibit of Working Vehicles1 TOMICA Corner (Co-sponsored by: TOMY Company, Limited) / Picture Book Exhibit of Working Vehicles2

"GRAND TURISMO 4" Test Drive Arena
You can test drive famous cars of yester-years or the newest cars out this year on "GRAND TURISMO 4" built for the PlayStation 2.
(Main/ Second Floor Center Mall in front of the East Hall, Sub/"Yasuragi" Mall)
Co-sponsored by: Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
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「グランツーリスモ4」試乗体験アリーナ 「グランツーリスモ4」試乗体験アリーナ

Special exhibits / Newspaper & Magazine Stands
Newspaper & Magazine Stands You can take a glimpse into the future of our automotive society through these varied exhibits for vehicle safety, traffic, environment and diverse public activities and public service. Ten automotive industry publishers assembled in the Newspaper & Magazine Stands! The latest automotive information packed newspapers and magazines from every company available right here for you.


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