“Breakthroughs in Automotive Technology – History-making Cars from Japan”
Through an easy-to-understand explanation of the history of the automotive technology revolution, visitors will be offered an introduction to the ingenuity of the Japanese and the devotion and efforts of those who have gone before us.
Event Hall (1,100 m2 ) – displays consisting of 22 automobiles, 12 motorcycles, and parts.
A Show Stage will be set up in the Theme Hall for the first time, with games and other Events involving visitor participation.
Makeup of Displays
Center Zone
  1. Display of the “Otomo” – the first automobile to be produced entirely in Japan
    An introduction to the “Otomo,” with a particular forcus on the devotion and efforts of Junya Toyokawa and Hakuyosha company, which dedicated itself to entirely Japanese production in terms of all elements ranging from individual component parts to production technologies.
    Original materials related to the Otomo will also be on display, and the history of the technological developments achieved by the industry forefathers will be introduced through a video presentation (PR video by Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, 2001)
  2. History of the development of automotive technology (chronology)
    History leading up to the Otomo, and an explanation in layman’s terms of the history of the development of automotive technology in Japan after the Second World War.
  3. Show Stage “Is it true, Dr. Kuruma (“Automobile”)”
    Automotive technologies that you may never know existed, but which could come in very handy, are presented in an easy-to-understand way even for those who are not so familiar with the technologies and mechanisms of the automobile in a Show Stage format.
  4. Visitor Participation Events
    1. PC Games
      Visitors can freely participate in quiz games through three computers set up at the side of the Show Stage. Sure to offer lots of useful information, whether you are an automobile fan or not.
    2. “Hands-on” Corner presenting Automotive Mechanisms
      Similarly, at the side of the Show Stage, visitors can actually operate moving models of engines, transmissions, differential gears, and other mechanisms, to gain a better understanding of their operation.
Technology Exhibit Zone

The many automotive technologies brought to the world from Japan are presented through actual vehicles and devices as well as videos and display panels. Exhibits are divided into four categories: “Engines,” “Drivetrains,” “Controls,” and “Bodies.”


A pamphlet summarizing the history of automobile technology development will be distributed free of charge at the Exhibition site.

Theme Hall Plan
No. Passenger Cars (Model, Manufacturer) No. Motorcycles (Model, Manufacturer)
1 Otomo (1924, Hakuyo-sha) 1 Honda CB450 (1965, Honda)
2 Toyota 2000GT (1967, Totota) 2 Honda RC149 (1966, Honda)
3 Mazda Cosmo Sports (1967, Mazda) 3 Yamaha Trail 250 DT1 (1968, Yamaha)
4 Mitsubishi Galant GTO (1976, Mitsubishi) 4 Suzuki RE-5 (1974, Suzuki)
5 Nissan Cedric (1979, Nissan) 5 Honda CBR400F (1983, Honda)
6 Daihatsu Charade (1984, Daihatsu) 6 Kawasaki VOYAGER (1986, Kawasaki)
7 Honda Civic SiR (1992, Honda) 7 Yamaha GX750 (1976, Yamaha)
8 Mazda Eunos 800 (1993, Mazda) 8 Kawasaki Z250LTD TWIN (1982, Kawasaki)
9 Mitsubishi Galant (1996, Mitsubishi) 9 Honda CB750 (1969, Honda)
10 Honda Civic CVCC (1973, Honda) 10 Yamaha RZ250 (1980, Yamaha)
11 Toyota Carina (1994, Toyota) 11 Honda NR (1992, Honda)
12 Subaru Justy (1987, Fuji Heavy) 12 Suzuki RG250gamma (1983, Suzuki)
13 Isuzu Gemini (1987, Isuzu) Parts (Manufacturer)
14 Nissan Cedric (1989, Nissan) Brake (Akebono Brake)
15 Subaru Leone 4WD (1972, Fuji Heavy) Oil Seal (NOK)
16 Daihatsu Mira Turbo RV4 (1992, Daihatsu) Radiator (CalsonicKansei)
17 Suzuki Suzulight (1955, Suzuki) Diesel injection system (Bosch Automotive Systems)
18 Toyota Corolla (1966, Toyota) Alternator (Denso)
19 Toyota Soarer (1983, Toyota) Spring (NHK Spring)
20 Nissan Skyline GT-R (1973, Nissan) Plug (NGK)
21 Suzuki Wagon R (1993, Suzuki)  
22 Honda NSX (1990, Honda)
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