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LS stands for "Luxury Sport." As the name suggests, Lincoln LS combines American luxury and European driving performance, while keeping the style and elegance of the Lincoln brand. The Lincoln LS is a new-generation Lincoln for drivers who seek an American sport sedan.

The elegant and stylish exterior design represents contemporary functional beauty with the classical proportions. The leather interior creates a high-grade spacc worthy of the name of Lincoln. Of course, the car is fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology, such as the navigation system. The LS offers a 3.9 liter DOHC V8 or the improved Duratech 3.0 liter DOHC V6 engine. The 5-speed automatic transmission with manual mode creates the ideal 50:50 front-rear weight ratio. The LS boosts a new rear drive transmission and make extensive use of lightweight aluminum for the engine, suspension and body panels. These features combine to create outstanding blance and running performance of the LS.

Lincoln LS for Japan features a body size less than 5 m in length and the first right-hand-drive steering wheel for the Lincoln brand. Visitors will see Lincoln's commitment to the Japanese market with the new LS.

Ford Focus (Special Reference Display)
Focus Rally (Special Reference Display)
The Ford Focus 5-door hatchback and wagon models, which will be launched in Japan next spring, will be displayed at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Since its original launch in Europe last October, Focus has won high marks for its advanced new edge design, high efficieney body and outstanding handling. It also was named the 1999 European Car of the Year.

Among Focus' many notable features is the stylish exterior design brought about by the new edge design, a Ford characteristic. The interior is very practical thanks to ergonomic design harmonized with the exterior.

Focus' packaging deserves more consumer attention. The roomy cabin space and luggage compartment result from the longest wheelbase in its class. With newly developed platform and control blade suspension. Focus also has the highest level riding comfort and handling in its class. Focus will be displayed with the World Rally Car to demonstrate its origin amd uncompromising safety performance. The body rigidity is fully compliant with EURONAP occupant protection standards. Standard equipment includes side airbags with head protection and SRS airbags for the driver's and front passenger's seats.

Focus sets a new European standard through the fusion of advanced design and functionality that breaks conventional concepts, making Focus the "Best in Class."

Ford 021C (Concept Car)
The Ford 021C urban concept vehicle highlights Ford Motor Company's determination to become the world's leading consumer company. Ford 021C, designed by Maro Newson, well-known young Australian product designer, was created to appeal tp "baby boomer juniors" under 21 years of age who want quality products that express their individuality.

Ford 021C is an honest and warm vehicle possessing all of the values demanded by the next-generation consumer.

The Ford 021C features pillarless construction, rear-hinged rear doors and swivel-type front seats for easy access to the cabin. The single front headlight uses an innovative, programmable LED and fiber optic illumination system. The power-train is Ford's 1.6 liter Zedec-SE engine maked to a four-speed automatic transmission with steering wheel-mounted push-button controls.

This concept car will debut at the Tokyo Motor Show as the first car designed by a non-automotive designer.

FordFC5 (Concept Car)
Ford's FC5 concept car for a fuel cell-powered car, attracted great attention at the 1999 Frankfurt Motor Show. This concept five-seat family car powered by a fifth-generation fuel cell was developed by Ford in conjunction with Ballard Power Systems and Daimler Chrysler. The Ford FC5 also will be displayed at the Tokyo Motor Show.

The FC5 concept car will provide a family of five with the most eco-friendly and comfortable transport feasible about five years from now. With electric power from the latest-generation fuel cell technology, the FC5 delivers exceptional fuel efficiency and ultra-low emissions, while providing the range and top speed of today's gasoline-powered models. Ford is a world leader in fuel cell technology, and the FC5 is built around the most advanced fuel cells developed. Placing most of the fuel cell installation beneath the vehicle floor creates comfortable cabin space for five passengers.

Considered by many experts to be the most practical techmology available for next generation family vehicles, fuels cells generate electricity by electrochemically combining hydrogen from a fuel source and oxygen in the atmosphere. The process is efficient, silent and free of combustion. In the Ford FC5, the hydrogen would be extracted from methanol, which is both easy to handle and produces very low emissions.

The FC5 is a movable display with a body shell that lifts to illustrate the use of methanol in the fuel cell vehicle. The entire body lifts to reveal the key technical concepts of the compact fifth-generation fuel cell power train, including the fuel tank for storing the liquid methanol.

Even though the Ford FC5 is a static display vehicle, Ford has completed a road-going fuel cell vehicle, the Mondeo-based P2000 HFC, and has been making intensive evaluations.

Unlike the FC5, the P2000 HFC uses pure gaseous hydrogen fuel. The vehicle produces only electricity and pure water, elimimating the need of the fuel reforming process. However, there are major barriers to developing a hydrogen fuel infrastructure, so methanol-based vehicles like the FC5 look more viable in the near fuiure. Ford plans to begin production of fuel cell vehicles by 2004.


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