List of Exhibits

WP WP:World premiere (Product exhibited for the first time in the world at the Tokyo Motor Show)   JP JP:Japan premiere (Product that has arleady premiered abroad, but being exhibited for the first time in Japan at the Tokyo Motor Show)


Photo Gallery

WP / JP Exhibit Name New Function / Feature
WP Orochi Kabuto A new proposal was included in the design of unique of "Orochi" by the thing equipped with a light, high-level parts such as special parts and CFRP (carbon fiber glass) chosen for old Japan "Helmet, armor", and a more combat, aggressive, new design was born.

Kanazawa's craftsman gives beauty, technology, and platinum foils of a Japanese tradition partially of the interior parts, and "Beauty of Japan" that a super-car in the world doesn't have is expressed in the interior. Sales are actually put in view.

The muffler of the article is newly produced excluding the visual. It produces a functional beauty and the sound.

It is not caught in the category of the car. "Play mind. Feel free of the super-car life." It is a super-car of the new paradigm that arose in the origin of the idea.
  Orochi The overwhelming design performance of "Orochi" was designed so that regardless of age or sex may also turn around, and became a product not to be able to mimic in the other companies in the age of mass production.

The easiness that a past super-car doesn't have to get on is valued including the design and the starting point of the car life "Everyone can readily enjoy a super-car" is a concept.

And the rise of road conditions of present age Japan and worldwide environmental consideration is disregarded, it relied on a large displacement and large power, and an idea different from the concept of past super-car is based.

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