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The 37th TokyoMotorShow2003 Passenger Cars and Motorcycles
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Schedule for 37th Tokyo Motor Show

The "37th Tokyo Motor Show -Passenger Cars and Motorcycles - (2003)" will be a 13-day event running from Friday, October 24 to Wednesday, November 5 at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba. The show will open to the public on Saturday, October 25.

This is the first "passenger cars and motorcycles" show that JAMA has been involved with from the initial planning stages since the merger of May 2002 between JAMA and former organizer Japan Motor Industrial Federation (JMIF). This year features a full renovation of the show content to bring more of a "customer perspective" to the show. As in the past, the Tokyo Motor Show will continue to showcase the latest vehicles and technologies, but in addition it will also have more "customer-participation" and "experience" events that will attract children as well as younger male and female generations and greater visitor hospitality. JAMA is confident that the "new motor show" style will reaffirm the attraction of the Tokyo Motor Show for all guests.

268 exhibitors from 14 countries

This year's show features 263 companies, 4 governments and 1 organization from 14 countries (35th show of 2001: 273 companies, 6 governments and 2 organizations from 13 countries). Government exhibits are from Canada, Germany, Sweden and United States. Exhibits will be located in #1-11 of the International Exhibition Hall (West, Center, East, North) and the Event Hall at Makuhari Messe. The total floor space occupied by the show will be 41,559 square meters, roughly on par with the 42,119 square meters of the 35th show.

87 world premieres, 96 Japan premieres

This year's show will feature 87 world premieres (41 passenger cars, 32 motorcycles and 14 carrozzeria) and 96 Japan premieres (62 passenger cars, 28 motorcycles and 6 carrozzeria). For the parts section, 40 world premieres and 16 Japan premieres will be exhibited. Since the current records of world premieres at major international motor shows indicate 40 to 70 units per show, the Tokyo Motor Show is among the world’s top class level in terms of world premiere announcements.

Wide lineup of special events

The 37th Tokyo Motor Show boasts a wide lineup of special "audience participation" and "experience" events that will underscore to visitors how much the show has changed into a new and different one. A variety of attractions particularly for children as well as younger male and female generations are readily available at the show venue. Through these special events, we will provide visitors with an interactive communication, thereby having them understand hands-on the status quo of the automotive industry tackling on environmental and safety issues and so forth, while enjoying the events.

  • Carrozzeria Exhibition
    First in its history, Tokyo Motor Show will introduce “Carrozzeria Exhibit” for younger generations. Carrozzeria is an Italian word that stands for “car design studio.” The Carrozzeria Exhibit in the event hall will feature 31 vehicles from 13 original and turning car manufacturers in Japan and other countries. There will also be a Carrozzeria Café where guests can relax in a smart, classy atmosphere. The winners of the Student Formula SAE Competition of Japan 2003 (sponsored by the Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan) will also be on display.

  • Symposium
    Over the course of the show there will be a number of symposiums held at the International Conference Hall (the final one on special stage in the West Rest Zone) by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Ministry of the Environment, Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan, and JAMA. A total of 18 topics are planned. Symposiums are scheduled for weekdays and Saturdays.

  • Environmental Vehicles Test Ride
    From the first Press Day on Wednesday, October 22 through the end of the show (10:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.), clean energy vehicle test rides will be available at the Makuhari Marine Park adjacent to Makuhari Messe (500m course). The lineup includes 6 fuel cell vehicles, 5 hybrid vehicles and 1 CNG vehicle for a total of 12 vehicles in all.

  • Festival Park
    The special stage in the West Rest Zone will host the traffic safety events and also serve as a general entertainment space for events geared towards families. Available here will be some events for children and elementary school students whose admission fees have become free for the first time in addition to attractions for female visitors, so that a wider range of visitors can enjoy the show from various perspectives. Below are the main events scheduled.

    1. Fiesta Mariscos (Celebration of seafood)
      A live cooking show on the weekdays, targeted at women visitors. Also features a dance performance and, at the end of the show, a chance to taste test some paella.

    2. "Traffic Troop Anzenger" show
      Traffic safety action hero show and action adventure that teaches the basics of traffic safety. Performed Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

    3. Trial Bike Demonstration
      Top trial bike riders will be on hand for a demonstration and discussion of motorcycle safety as part of the "Fall Traffic Safety Campaign."

    4. Traffic safety educational activities by the Chiba Prefectural Police
      The Chiba Prefectural Police will be conducting a number of traffic safety educational activities during the show, including a "Seat Belt Convincer," "Driving Aptitude Test" and other audience-participation events. The Chiba Prefecture Police Band will also perform.
  • Kid's Drawing Exhibition
    A Kid's Drawing Exhibition for kindergarten children has been held since 1989, when the 28th Motor Show was hosted in Makuhari, to strengthen the friendship with the local city of Chiba. The venue is set-up to exhibit fun and sensitive drawings of the children, and it will be held again at the 37th Tokyo Motor Show in collaboration with the Chiba Kindergarten Association.

  • Motor Info Gate
    "Motor Info Gate", the information service applying mobile phones as an interface, will be prepared in collaboration with Toppan Printing Co., Ltd., as a part of visitor-service improvement during the show. This system will supply a contact-free IC tag to the visitors, and have them type 13 digits figures printed on the tag in an e-mail to register. By holding the IC tag to the scanner placed in the venue, show information they wish to gain will be mailed immediately. IC tags will be supplied to the first 150,000 visitors. This will be a new information supply tool, in place of the conventional brochures, information corner, and site map for the visitors.

  • Special Day for wheelchair visitors
    There will be a special day for wheelchair visitors between 1:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. on the 23rd of October, the second press day. It is planned for wheelchair visitors to take their time to look around the show venue in a slow atmosphere different from the general-admission days.

  • Automobile Guidebook 2003-2004 (Volume 50)
    This year marks the 50th volume of the Automobile Guidebook, which has been significantly revised and upgraded in honor of the event. The new guidebook will go on sale at bookstores around Japan on Wednesday, October 22, the first Press Day. The CD-ROM version of the automobile guidebook, "motor searcher 2004," will go on sale at the same time. In honor of the 50th volume, limited-edition reprints of the exhibition catalog dating back to the first Japan Motor Show at Hibiya Park in 1954 will be on sale at the show.

  • Tomica Corner (Sponsored by Tomy Company, Ltd.)
    There will be a "Kid's Patio" in the esplanade on the second floor of the North Hall in collaboration with Tomy Company, Ltd. In this patio, there will also be "Tomica Corner", where visitors can purchase the 37th Tokyo Motor Show special version mini-car.

  • GRAN TURISMO 4 Test-ride Arena (Sponsored by Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc.)
    Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. will host the Gran Turismo 4 Test-ride Arena on the second floor of the Central Mall. Here, visitors can enjoy playing the latest computer games, using the PlayStation® 2.

  • Blood Donation Corner and Bone Marrow Bank Donation
    A blood donation vehicle will be parked at the south of North Hall at Makuhari Messe, upon request from Japanese Red Cross Society. Next to it, there will also be a PR booth about the bone marrow bank to hand out the application cards to register with the bone marrow bank.

  • Waste-less Exhibition
    The waste-less exhibition movement, started at the 35th show, will be continued for further reduction of waste by promoting 3R activities, which stands for reduce, reuse, and recycle.
  • Sponsors

    Companies collaborating in sponsorship programs Companies collaborating in event tie-ups
    Bridgestone Corporation (Press Center operations) TOMY Company, Ltd. (Tomica Corner)
    Auto Wave Co., Ltd. Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. (Motor Info Gate)
    Tsubasa System Co., Ltd. Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd and Fuji Xerox Office Supply Co., Ltd. (Tokyo Motor Show News publication)
    Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Japan Airlines Company, Ltd. (Invitation of foreign press)
    Showa Shell Sekiyu K.K.  
    Mobilecast Inc.
    Microsoft Corporation
    Japan Tobacco Inc.
    Suntory Ltd. (Official Beverage)
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