PRESS RELEASES August 22, 2001
The 35th Tokyo Motor Show – Passenger Cars and Motorcycles – (2001)
Special Guest Day” for Wheelchair Users
Japan Motor Industrial Federation, Inc. (Chairman: Hiroshi Okuda) will host the “35th Tokyo Motor Show 2001 - Passenger Cars and Motorcycles - (2001)” for the general public at the Makuhari Messe (Nippon Convention Center) from October 27 (Saturday) to November 7 (Wednesday) of this year. At this year's show, the JMIF has established for the first time a special Guest Day for wheelchair users, between 1:00 pm and 6:00 pm on October 25 (Thursday), the second of two days designated as “Press Days.”
Participants are limited to wheelchair users that are able to come to the Show venue either on their own or with the assistance of an escort. Up to 200 participants will be admitted, each of whom may be accompanied by up to three escorts. Applications will be accepted between August 24 (Friday) and September 14 (Friday). In the event that applications exceed the target numbers, participants will be selected based on an impartial lottery.
The JMIF has received many requests over the years from wheelchair users who wish to enjoy the Tokyo Motor Show in a relaxed, comfortable environment. As the organizer of the Tokyo Motor Show, the JMIF has endeavored to respond to these requests by reviewing the display regulations and taking other measures to incorporate barrier-free functions in the Show's display booths. Starting from this year's Show, the regulations for display stands have been changed to conform with the Law for promoting construction of specified buildings to allow comfortable use by seniors and the physically disabled (referred to as the “Heart Building Law”); for example, gently inclined slopes shall be installed in the booths so as not to hinder the movement of visitors using wheelchairs. In order to respond to demands for barrier-free facilities, which are increasing with each passing year, encourage even greater progress in terms of accommodating wheelchair users, and aim at even higher quality of the Show based on the feedback from the wheelchair users, the JMIF has established at this year's Show a special “Guest Day” for them on one of the press days which limits admission to members of the press.
The JMIF will post guidance staff at the Show's site and also plan to have volunteer participation in this program by the various exhibitor companies.
Special “Guest Day” for Wheelchair Users (Application Guidelines for Participants)
For inquiries: General Affairs Department at 03-3211-8829
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